Designed for professionals

We design our biometric devices in France. Throughout years of experience, our team of engineers successfully crafted, developed and deployed thousands of custom platforms for major system integrators and solution providers around the world. Secure mobile platforms, hardened operating systems, device management platforms… Tailor-made tablets and handhelds for professionals is the core savoir-faire of TazTag. We are are proud to represent the French Touch in the world of secure mobile solutions.

  • French Headquarters
  • Dedicated Engineer Team
  • Years of Expertise in Security
  • Hardware & Software

Produced with flexibility

We create 100% customizable mobile devices based on clients requirements. For most of TazTag projects, our devices are brought to life with real-life applications in mind, hand in hand with the final integrator. Our efficient production unit based in Shenzhen allows us to have control on prices, volumes and location of the deployment. We decided to make flexibility and profitability the ultimate priorities of our production process, allowing competitive time-to-market values for our partners.

  • Flexible Production
  • Volumes & Costs Control
  • 100% Customization
  • Original Design Manufacturer

International Applications

We are primarily focused on international markets with more than 60.000 units sold since 2012 all around the world for a wide range of professional purposes. Mobile authentication, customs control, offline and online checkpoints, elections and telecommunications… The type of application is large and is still expending internationally. From system integrators to solution providers, TazTag biometric devices are successfully adapted to precise purposes. We work closely with our partners through the process of owning and using the perfect platform for their application.

  • Government for nomade identity control
  • Baking for critical data protection
  • Industry for crisis situation management
  • Corporate for customer enrollment


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